Version 1.17, 2012-01-01

Freeware, full C++ and Delphi source included

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With this library, Delphi programs can read and write BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, MNG, TIFF, ICO, CUR and PCX images. RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS images can be loaded, but not created. This version was tested with Delphi 7, but should also work with 5, 6 and 2005. It is based in part of my own code and implementation of some of the file formats, and in part on other freeware image processing libraries.

A few notes on the file formats:
The BMP reader fixes some bugs in the one included with Delphi.
CMYK color JPEG images can be read, and files can be rotated without loss.
Both lossy and lossless coding of JPEG 2000 images are supported, and YCbCr and Lab color images can be imported.
In addition to the icons supported by TIcon in Delphi, this library also supports 24 bit and 256 color palette icons and cursors.
Only simple still-image MNG files are supported.


Version 1.13.2, 2005-02-06

Freeware, full C++ and Delphi source included

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MPEG2Lib can decode MPEG2 encoded video sequences like the ones found on a DVD or the disk in a typical harddisk video recorder. The decoder is based on the GPL project DVD2AVI and MPEG2Decode from MPEG Software Simulation Group. The library is written in C/C++ and a Delphi interface for the DLL is provided. It supports both video and different sound formats, but the Delphi interface can currently only get the video. This version was tested with Delphi 5, 6 and 7.
Included is a MPEG2 player program written in Delphi. It can play video from both a MPEG2 file or a harddisk from a harddisk video recorder.


Version 1.00, 2000-09-26

Freeware, Delphi source included

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The classic "eyes looking at the mouse cursor" program. The primary purpose of this program is to demonstrate the use of non-rectangular windows in Delphi applications.

MeeSoft freeware programs

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