MeeSoft PhotoLocator 2023.9.1.1

Photo file management

Freeware for Windows 7/8/10/11

Download installer (1 MB)  (hosted by FossHub)

Note that if PhotoLocator cannot start, you need to install the latest .NET 6 Desktop Runtime.


PhotoLocator can import GPS traces from GPX and KML files and then apply the GPS positions to photo files by synchronizing with the photo timestamps. GPS tags can also be imported from other already geotagged photos. The locations can either be set automatically based on timestamps or manually by copy/pasting from other files or selecting on the map. PhotoLocator can perfom a lossless update of the EXIF data in the target files directly or in copies of the files.
KML files can be obtained directly from the Google maps location history. GPX files can be exported by many location and sports tracking apps.


Version history

Source code

PhotoLocator is open source and the source code is available at GitHub       Last updated 2023-09-02 by Michael Vinther       [Contact]