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Out of focus blur

Limiting the depth of field is an efficient way to bring the viewer's attention to the important part of the picture. Unfortunately it can be hard to adjust focus and aperture correctly in a fast moving scene, and many cheap cameras does not offer such possibilities at all. Out of focus blur is relatively simple to introduce after the picture has been taken, and Image Analyzer has a feature that can assist in the process.

The simplest way to introduce out of focus blur in a picture like the above is simply to make select the background and apply a smoothing filter to the selection, but this will introduce a hard visible edge against the non-blurred part of the scene. In this example the sand around the girls' feet should not be blurred but the sand near the audience should and we want a smooth transition from the foreground to the background.
In Image Analyzer's Out of focus blur dialog (Operations | Filters | Out of focus blur...) you can determine the vertical position of the focus and the size of the transition area.

Before opening the focus blur dialog you should select everything but the parts that should not be blurred at all.

Download source image
Download selection mask (Apply with Edit | Selection from image)

Smart select brush

Creating a precise clipping path can be time consuming work. Image Analyzer's Smart select brush can help speed up the process. Using this brush you should paint some strokes inside the area you want selected with the left mouse button (blue) and outside with the right button (red). The more you paint the more precise the selection will be, and if it makes a mistake in an area then just make a stroke there.
The edge detection is controlled by the Fill tolerance parameter. Usually a value around 20 gives good results.

Note: This feature is so far only available in the latest beta which you can get from the support forum. I hope to do the final release soon.       Last updated 2012-06-10 by Michael Vinther       [Send e-mail]