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Fading Selections

Lion Portrait by Petr Kratochvil

I will use this photo of a lion to show how to fade selections.

I have applied the Impressionist 8bf filter to the image using the Crayon preset called Short Choppy Strokes. Now I want to bring back some of the detail around the eyes. There are several ways to accomplish this in Image Analyzer. This is just one of those ways.

1. I use the Paint selection tool to select the areas over the lion's eyes.

2. Now I go to the Edit menu and click on Invert selection.

3. I click on the Fade icon and choose the Selection boundaries blend mode. This mode allows the Impressionist effect to be applied over the inverted selection only. The eyes and the area around the eyes reverts to the original sharp image.

Reducing the Image opacity slider to 20% reduces the area of sharpness in the inverted selection to a smaller area much closer to the eyes. The eyes themselves remain just as sharp as they were in the original image. I set the opacity and click OK.

Now I want to reduce the sharpness over the eyes somewhat. I still want to keep the eyes sharper than the rest of the image, but I don't want them to look so photographic.

I click on the Fade icon again, and this time I choose the All blend mode. Now I can fade the sharpness over the eyes. I move the Image opacity slider to 50% to get the result I want.

I deselect all by clicking the middle mouse button.

Compare the eyes on the image on the left, the original filtered image, with those on the image on the right, the same image after fading the effect over the eyes by 50%.

Fade selection color

The Selection color fade method can be used to apply an effect to areas of specific colors, or to avoid specific colors. If you place the slider in the right side the last effect will be applied to the selected colors only, and if you place the slider to the left the effect will be applied to everything but the selected colors. In the example below I have converted a photo to grayscale, painted a selection over part of the flag and then applied the Fade Selection color to keep colors on the flag.
I recommend keeping the selection small, as the operation otherwise can be very slow.       Last updated 2012-04-07 by Jim Clatfelter / Michael Vinther